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Uniting a passion for exotic travel with a flair for visual artistry, Caroline Farwell brought Elegant Dragonfly to life in 2015. Based in beautiful La Jolla, California, Caroline regularly explores all corners of the world with an artist's eye, sourcing materials for her next creation. Her vision is anchored by two words: Personal Connection. From the bustling shops of London's Portobello Road to flea markets in Parisian alleyways as well as incorporating sentimental heirloom pieces from her clients’ personal collections, she brings new life to time-honored treasures. Classic meets contemporary to create cherished décor that becomes the heart of any home.

the process


The creation of each Elegant Dragonfly Tethered Silks pillow involves between 6-8 hours of curating, editing and fabrication and includes between 16-18 designer neckties as well as luxurious textile backings. 


Custom, made to order pillows can be constructed using personal clothing items and neckties. Cherished articles of clothing are reimagined into exquisite statement pieces that will adorn your home and evoke treasured memories. Pillows can be made in memory of a loved one or even to celebrate or commemorate an occasion such as retirement, birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father's Day and wedding ring pillows. The gift of an Elegant Dragonfly 'Tethered Silks' pillow gives a whole new meaning to receiving a shirt and a necktie.


The process for the arrangement and composition of an Elegant Dragonfly Gilded Sculptures tree can take up to 16 weeks to complete and involves hundreds of objects d'art and curiosities. 

Custom, made to order trees can be constructed using personal items and collectibles. Cherished heirlooms will be reimagined into exquisite statement pieces that will adorn your home and evoke treasured memories

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